Mac Xserve & Commodore Amiga

I first post this on my company blog, decided to post it here also.

Apple just announced the end to the XServe but not OS X Server. This I believe will prove to be a mistake.

I think Apple is jettisoning everything that is not consumer electronics, I believe this will be a major mistake and will be the beginning of the decline in the Apple Halo. Their dominance in the consumer market will not last, Microsoft usually takes three kicks at the can to get on the right track and the Windows Phone 7 is that. Once they get it right they have a tendency to dominate. Everything I have read on it indicates it is a superior platform that needs a few updates, somewhat like the original iphone when it was first released.

The android platform will eventually get their act together because Google will make it happen, I predict, by introducing a unified App Store, the only detracting factor for Android.

Nokia has finally woke up and has symbian smart phones out. It will only get better.

HP will release a Palm OS phone and Tablet. Palm was like the Commodore Amiga Computer, the best computer and OS, ahead of it’s time but a company that was focused on the wrong thing and faded away.

Commodore and Amiga are back in business again as of August 31, 2010. Amiga was the first true usable desktop Unix system, multitasking, protected memory. Apparently Amiga has been building high end graphics and multimedia for mobile devices, it would be a excellent phone/tablet OS. Apple wasn’t in the same class as Amiga in the beginning, and in many aspects still isn’t. No computer is running protected memory space, if a program crashes, you click out of that window and launch the app again. You could launch as many instances of an app that you wanted, you were governed only by the amount of ram you had. Can’t do that with Mac OS or any version of Windows.

There is a company out there that is right now working on the device that will unify the smart phone and the tablet, so you don’t need two devices. It could be a folding device that closed is phone around 3.5″ x 5″ and it folds out to be a 5″ x 7″ tablet, when closed is 1/2″ thick. If a device such as this had a good OS and the folding screen worked (there will be a time where this will be normal) and while your at it the screen could be an e ink as well as a back lit screen. This device, if it wasn’t an Apple would surly be an Apple killer.The mobile consumer market is just starting, the early leader in most tech markets don’t keep it and a lot die.

It looks like Apple is deciding to dump the back office support for the small business and enterprise markets, I think the history books will show this as a mistake.

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