Uncle Dave

I first post this on the Rachar Family Facebook page shortly after Uncle Dave passed away. I find it hard to believe he is gone and it’s been four months now.

One of my fondest memories of Uncle Dave was one winter, I was young, don’t remember how young, the Rachar Boys, Dave and Dad (Lloyd) bought snowmobiles. Dad bought a Polaris, Dave bought an Arctic Cat, it was jet black and looked fast just standing still. All the kids were out riding having a blast. I decided to show off my skills as a Skidoo driver by taking Uncle Dave’s Cat up the road and comeback fast, fishtailing and do a 360 in front of the others. I planned it out, practiced the daring move hundreds of times, in my mind. I got up the road ok, did I tell you it was fast? I got back ok, it was fast. It fishtailed beautifully, lots of power and fast. The 360, that was different. Apparently I did not have a good grasp of Newton’s three laws of motion. As I started to slide the sled sideways the ground decided to test the first law and jumped up and grabbed the track. First law worked. Laws two and three kicked in and sent the sled on a rolling trajectory into the trees at the edge of the road. I can only assume that it was a spectacular show, as I was part of it I didn’t see it. I remember there being a broken windshield, but what I remember most was Uncle Dave. I remember him asking if I was all right and being very gracious about me destroying his beautiful machine. As if it was yesterday I remember him saying, As long as you are all right, nobody got hurt, we can fix the snowmobile. I remember him grinning about the whole thing. When Uncle Dave smiled I always felt everything was going to be ok. I have a place in my heart for him, it is now aching.


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