Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

I first post this on the Rachar Family Facebook page while watching the big wedding, yes I admit it.

Sitting here watching the wedding of William and Kate, listening to the announcement that they are now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge it dawned on me they are now our Duke and Duchess. There has not been a Duke of Cambridge since Prince George, 2nd died in 1904. Here is our history:

John Racher, an agricultural labourer, and his wife Edith (Titmus) Racher emigrated from Bassingbourne, Cambridgeshire, England as part of the Petworth Emigration to Upper Canada. They sailed from Portsmouth, England on April 10th, 1832 aboard the ship England. John and Edith were accompanied by their two young sons –

• Charles Racher (b. circa 1827); and,
• Stephen Racher (b. 11 Jan 1830)

Charles Rachar is the father of David Rachar, my Great Grandfather from whom or Rachar family tree book was made.

If you search for Cambridgeshire in Google Maps, the pin will fall on Cambridge. I Love big families.

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